Thursday, January 8, 2009


HOLY COW! This post was a week long in the making! Sure in the beginning, I was going to sheepishly apologize for taking so long on updating my blog. I had gotten caught up in the holidays and how wonderful it felt to be in pj's and to read a book! I lounged around, ate chocolate, read a few novels, ate some more chocolate.....(this week I started a Pilate's class to combat all that indulging and now can barely move my legs! :) But then when I finally stopped hibernating, I found that I couldn't post.. no matter how many ways I tried ! It literally took DAYS to upload a few photos. It would sit there for hours - sometimes I got lucky and it actually posted them and then others all that time was wasted and I would have to start over...agonizing frustration! Agh! was ready to tear my hair out! But anyway here I, just don't expect another post from me too soon...;)

We so enjoyed our holidays and I really did like having the kids home - even with their bickering & squabbling, but they were "mine" for two weeks. Aside from a few Must Attend birthday parties and play dates, our schedule was pretty carefree (i.e. no homework or parent volunteering). But I foolishly thought that they would be entertained with all their new gadgets & gizmos from Santa. Whatever was I thinking...? They are back in school this week...I suspect there are a few "Hallelujah!" 's out there from THE MOM's. :)

My husband's a good guy...but he most often is clueless as to what to buy me for Christmas. He pretty much gives me free rein to buy what I need or want for the house. Even the time I was only going in to get an oil change and ended up coming home with a brand new!! (well it was a good deal, we had just had our third child and needed more room..see how convincing I am?) But getting back to him, he knows I have specific taste in clothing (though I get the usual new pj's & robe for Christmas!) and of course I am particular about the house decor so I usually end up with a pretty pair of earrings or another gold watch (I mean sweetheart how many arms do I have!?) that I don't get dressed up & go out often enough to wear. I know, I know, my mother would be appalled that I would think JEWELERY wasn't very exciting and I do love jewelery but I usually don't wear these Beautiful Baubles unless it's Christmas. But this year was different...He got me a Camera!! I don't know what clued him in that I was in dire need of one. Maybe it was the tape holding the batteries in...?

Or maybe the fact that the symbols on the turn dial had completely worn off and it was always a gamble as to what function the camera was in..?

But the funny thing was, that I unknowingly WRAPPED MY OWN GIFT! Yep, the clever man hid the camera box inside of a another box with "Fuel Pump" or something equally uninteresting to me on the front and claimed it was a gift for his brother and would I mind wrapping it for him...? It's probably because the jewelery store does wrap jobs and my husband has never had to bother! Imagine my surprise as I went to open this package...I thought my husband had flipped his lid and was giving me something unromantic. Not that a camera typically exudes those warm, fuzzy feelings...but I was happy that he had paid attention! Yay honey!!

Anyway - he did good! It's got the simple 'point & shoot' or the more elaborate manual focus/shutter speed/aperture stuff on it that I still am trying to figure out but am having fun learning... but it's not too overboard for a beginner. As you may be aware of the difficulty I have had in years past of trying to get the kids to sit still long enough for pictures, I have been "staging" my home decor! They make much easier subjects! ;)

On New Years Eve, after going out for some Chinese food, I got in the mood to take down all the Christmas decor. Even had to send the husband out to Target at 8pm for some more storage tubs! There was some decorations you all didn't get to see as I got too busy to post those last few days before Christmas. We had another tree set up in the Study. But taking it all down was a good way to pass the time until midnight.

But then you know how empty your house looks after all the glitz is gone? Just so sad and lonely? Well I have a remedy for that. I always buy a little something and save it for after the holidays. Some new candles, maybe a new plant or a pretty plate to display to perk things up. So taking my new camera I went about the house snapping away. See if you spot anything new...Lord knows my husband doesn't! ;)

To fully grasp that my husband doesn't notice a whole lot...this little sofa table, was being stored under our bed - it comes apart. My husband watched me carry this piece by piece downstairs (he was laying on the bed watching tv at the time!) and it still took 3 days with me finally pointing it out for him to "notice" it!..see what I mean?

This heavy guy I hand carried back all the way from Paris.....Paris Hotel in Las Vegas that is! :) Took a real quick trip the first week in December and he caught my eye. It sort of shocked the airline security. They didn't know what it was, especially wrapped up for protection in my pink Pj's in a shopping bag! (hey, either my pj's or a hotel towel and my conscience wouldn't let me do that!)

No More Christmas Decor.....sigh....

Yes, it's a cake plate! But it was sooo cute! I like to keep my kitchen counters clear and this room is open to the kitchen so...why not?

Back at the front entry - no more garland or stockings...phew! that was hard work.

This little lady was inspired from "VANNA" at Delusions of Grandeur and her amazing "Bust" (can I keep a straight face?) collection. ;) If you haven't seen how beautiful they are & her home is...GO!

And looky here's another one.....just a little reproduction but she exudes romance! And those new candles (& holders) smell delicious and I haven't even lit them yet.

Well that's almost it..working on a little something that I picked up at an Antique shop for the dining room but that will be another post. Hopefully we won't have to wait as long though..thanks for being patient with me!


Melissa Miller said...

Yeehaw! I'm coming back to check out every bit of this post! I must feed my hubby his dinner. Men...:)

salmagundi said...

You made it!! How exasperating that must have been for you. But you are here now, and the pictures are great! Don't be gone so long this time. Sally

Twice as Nice said...

Everything looks WONDERFUL. I got a new camera too. Kodak Easy Share ZD8612 and I can't download the pictures!! I put in the memory card and NOTHING happens. I don't have a clue as what to do.
Glad to see your up and running :o) and don't be such a stranger.

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

So glad you're back! Loved seeing all your new treasures, and what a great gift your husband got you! I want to say that your bust is beautiful, but I'm afraid you may think I'm forward!! (just couldn't pass that one up!) Your house looks beautiful with or without Christmas decor. Welcome back. laurie

Susan said...

Great pictures...your home is very warm and inviting!

and the camera....yeah!!!

Happy To Be said...

Oh Ms. Gilroy I am so glad you are back..and with a new camera how cool is that girl!! Oh girl I got me a new bust also for Christmas and from my Len...that man never hears a thing I say so tell me how surprise I was Christmas morning..and I have moved it all over my house and its it on my header pic..Then I won one on Ebay just got it the other day so now its been all over the house..have BUST will travel..I just love your home and that cake dish is too pretty not to sit out and enjoy..I see you got your screen in front of your fire place it looks wonderful..hope all is well in your worlf Ms. Gilroy..have miss ya and love ya girl...hugs and smiles Gloria

Bo said...

It is so good to see your gorgeous home again...I laughed out loud at the sight of the OLD camera...& DH did GOOD with the new one! Love that rooster... ;-) Bo

Cynthia said...

Your hubby did good. Plus, he gets bonus points for being sneaky!

I wondered what happened to you but then remembered all the amazing Christmas decor. I figured you were drowning in storage tubs trying to get it all put away- and I was Right!

Beautiful home. I'm even more impressed that you've found a way to have both nice things AND kids! Kudos for that.

Glenda said...

Yey, your back, darn blogger. It happened to me yesterday, the darn thing kept telling me it was my fault.

You lucky girl you, getting a new camera. Guess the guy was paying attention.

Your decor looked great love the staircase.

Welcome back.


laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Laurie, did my other blog show up on my Dashboard? How did you find it? Your comment was wonderful, and made me feel so great, but I had not decided to share that blog yet! I thought it was hidden or something. Shows how much I know about this blogging business.

Forgot to tell you I absolutely love that cake stand. It's gorgeous. laurie

nikkicrumpet said...

YAY hubby for buying such a wonderful gift! And no worries about taking down the Christmas decorations at your house. It is so dang beautiful that it doesn't need Christmas bling to make it shine!!!

Melissa Miller said...

Helloooo! ~WOW~ :)
I am beyond impressed at everything. It was worth the wait.
Love the new camera idea! He did really well and it's a nice one.

Your new header picture is truly gorgeous. Love the table with the barley twist I think it's called. I really must get one someday. Do you remember Gloria Mays from RMS? She had one also.
Great cake stand and Fritz&Floyd "cake" right?
How pretty. Love all the colors in the room.

Paris Hotel! Love it!
It is so awesome in Vegas. Okay I am now officially jealous.
We need another Vegas trip ASAP! It's been many years.
The new rooster is really unique. I like that he's neutral. I don't have one yet so if he ends up missing you know that he flew to NC and landed in my kitchen. LOL!
The new table and candles look really nice too.
You've made some beautiful changes. Love them all.

Thanks for the amazing home tour Laurie. I really enjoyed this.
~Warmly, Melissa :)

Linda said...

Glad you are back with great photos!! Love your place, all the little touches just make it.And you think it looks bare without Christmas, but it doesn't looks Great!!
Thanks for sharing,

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Oh girl.. I'm sooooo glad you got it all taken care of.. There must be a major glitch or something going on.. did you figure out what it was? I love that bring new things out after the holidays.. great idea.. my hubby did the same thing today with an ottoman coffee table today. Asked how long we have had it and has it always been there.. Men.. sometimes they are just sooooo silly... I'm glad you're up and running again.. Missed ya girl...hugs ~lynne~

beth at aunties said...

Welcome back. You are missed when you aren't around.
Your home looks is so beautiful and you do have a natural flair for decorating:) Congrats on the camera! Yeah hubby:)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the camera, love that rooster (I have a thing for them).

Welcome back and I know what you mean about the house looking empty after all the decos are down.

Have a nice week-end,
Kathy :)

LillyB said...

WELCOME BACK!! We missed your blog! Your DH did really great getting you that nice camera!! The house looks great!!!

vintagewindow said...

Oh' what a great gift. I want one!!!

Your home is lovely. I would call it sophisticated cozy!!

Also, I have to say your bust are just as amazing as Vanna's (Now I can't keep a straight face). LOL

Happy Saturday


laurie @ bargain hunting said...

What a cute comment you just left me! My "Share A Space" friend had to postpone, and I just couldn't get anything together. Thanks so much for missing it though. Hopefully, next Saturday. I went ahead and made my other blog public-thanks to your encouragment. laurie

Angie said...

Love all the pics you showed of your absolutely GORGEOUS house! Hate that you have had such a hard time trying to post. Congrats on getting such a great gift from your husband. I am still trying to redecorate after taking down all my Christmas stuff. It takes me awhile to get everything back so I'm happy with it. You need to come over and do my decorating for me!