Wednesday, August 27, 2008

And one more time....

Here it is Gentleman's Study as I had once called it on RMS.... And then dear Miss Nikki Crumpet came popping over and wanted to know where were the men?.. and where did we study them? On the couch? Oh that made me laugh. So now I just call it The Study...

I know alot of you have probably seen this the 5 or 6 different times (or maybe it was 8 or 9 times?) I posted it on RMS....and my very first blog post was about the ottoman I had reupholstered in this room...

and then I even posted on my formerly pink deer head...

There also were alot of comments about my peacock feather wreath...

and my addiction to tole trays which I scatter all over the house...

This room sure does get alot of discussion.....but I am positive this will be the last time..(don't hold your breath!) But as a decorating fanatic and I know there's alot of you out there - DecFan's are never satisfied with our rooms. We like to keep shopping.

...and shopping... A new rug and a slipcover for my Dad's old wingback chair (courtesy of my Mother in-law - for the story on them read down a few posts). A few more doodad's here...

And there....

oh, and over here too....

Just HAD to get this houndstooth pillow with the leather was calling to me...

And isn't this a sweet little old chair? My three year old's time out spot, reading chair, step stool and whatever else he can do with it. It's the rotating chair, moved all around the room, so forgive it's placement at the moment.

I have been taking pictures of my rooms since the day we moved in and the changes even make me laugh!
Do you think it looks "lived in" yet? :)

****Just a little note to all of you who have stopped by to read my last post about my Grandfather. I really appreciate all the kind words & prayers for his return home. I've got some wonderful friends out there in blogland and you've all touched my heart deeply!! Now, you've got me crying again....but really, I thank you for your support! ****

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Say a little prayer...

Dear Friends,
I am hoping you all could maybe add my family into your prayers... My dear sweet 90 year old Grandfather is in the hospital, recovering from hip surgery which resulted from a fall about a week ago. He is now in a rehabilitation center for a few weeks undergoing therapy.
This sweet old man who was always singing and making silly jokes is now lying in a hospital bed, still wooing all the nurses with his charm, but is trying to cover up his pain with humor. My 89 year old Grandmother who still drives & cooks is lost without him. He really is the only Grandfather my children have known and he is lovingly called "Poppy". My Dad passed away when I was 21 so he didn't see me marry my husband, so my Grandfather has taken on the role of spoiling my children.
This was his 90th Birthday Celebration this past January....

The pictures below were taken last Christmas. Even though he is legally blind and has a titanium knee replacement, he still wanted to dance with his bride. I was lucky to capture the moment on camera......

Please say a little prayer for my dear, sweet, Italian Grandfather Louis, that he will return home to all of us. Many thanks.... ~ Laurie

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Boudoir

This is our bedroom...still a work in progress but aren't all of us "decorating fanatics" always shopping, rearranging or otherwise "working" on rooms in our homes? We are always on the lookout for little trinkets to freshen up our spaces... much to our husband's annoyance. To a decorating fanatic ...a room is never DONE.

Oh there are a few things of this room that I am not fond of but I have to "make do" until the right item with the right price comes along! A few things in this room are castoffs from other rooms that my husband just doesn't see the logic in "it doesn't go".

To him a chair is a chair, a bed is a bed but a TV on the other hand is entirely different story. Thankfully we don't have a monster one in our "boudoir" . He does have his own space downstairs that I call the "Man Cave" with his lazyboy recliner that he ends up snoring in on Sunday afternoons.

The needlepoint chair & pictures above were a recent antiques faire find. I was THRILLED!

My darling Mother in-law ended up sewing the remaining four panels of draperies needed. I had only been able to accomplish two on my own (which took me days!) while she zipped out the remaining four panels in one day. (I got the job of hand sewing on the curtain rings which took me twice as long!) The headboard was a DIY project between my husband and I last winter in the garage. I am still begging the husband for crown molding but he won't settle for the fiberglass kind from the homecenter. No siree, he wants to put up real wood molding, problem is that we don't have the budget (oops! blame that on me!) nor the time to do that in the house. So nearly two years later of us building this home, I am still staring up at my "naked" ceilings!

But why is it that our "Boudoir's" are the last room to get attention? I stared at paper shades for a very long time before doing anything about it. Now when I wake up in the morning, I feel surrounded like I am in a cocoon and it's a very calming feeling provided that the kids aren't up first jumping up and down on the bed trying to wake us, which happens more often than not!

Just a few details....

Doesn't her expression just ooze patience with her 3 children climbing all over her? Either patience or defeat! :)
The cabinet was bought many years ago unfinished - I recently painted it this red color and penciled in a stencil before hand painting in the details with a few different colors. I didn't like the look of the stencil just dabbed on, when you do it by hand..well it just looks handpainted!

Next up...the bathroom!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Happy Dance...?

Would it be shameful of me to do the Happy Dance now that my in-laws are gone...? Even though there was a tearful goodbye at 5:45 this morning, I am relieved to be sitting here in my jammies typing this and not worried that we have to cook, clean or entertain a small army of extended family. Am I bad or evil for feeling this way...? Maybe I need to further explain how the past 8 weeks have been so you might just get a better understanding of why, though sad to see my darling mother in-law go (and father in-law, though I don't think I really know him any better than I did 12 years ago when I first met him)..of why I feel I can breathe a huge sigh of relief...

My mother in-law likes to cook...alot...and by alot I mean ALOT of food. To feed an army. She obviously knew there would be a small one coming on a regular basis to eat at our Farmhouse Diner. While I watched as my Mother in-law worked her magic in my kitchen, I (mistakenly) insisted that since she cooked, I would do clean up. Well, the first few weeks wasn't so what if I was still up at 11p.m. scrubbing pots and pans and vacuuming and mopping up the floor? Who cares that we would start all over again in about 8 hours? I diligently cleaned and stacked my pots and pans every night back in their neat little places so my kitchen looked picture perfect each morning.

After about the 3rd or 4th week of this it dawned on me to let my normal, neat freak fanatic slide a bit. Why was I torturing myself..? So I conceded and would only stack the clean pots and pans on top of the stove. Okay, I could give in and just ignore the mound-o-pots and pretend they weren't there. Now to do something about the floor...hmm...okay, well I won't mop every night...just lightly vacuum & spot mop. What about those counters? what if I could barely see them underneath the stacks of foreign ingredients and special herbs she used on a regular basis. She was cooking wonderful meals, right?

When she wasn't cooking, she was sewing at the kitchen table. She sewed alot. While I was also the receiver of most of these sewing projects my fingers were itching to toss the darn machine out the window! My kitchen table looked like an upholstery warehouse. Bits and pieces of fabric & thread that floated and traveled through the rest of the house as you walked by. But most of my anguish over my normally, quite orderly home, would be forgotten as she cranked out yet another wonderful pillow or finished my drapes for me.

My mother in-law is a wonderful, caring, generous person but she only has one pace....S L O W. There is no fast forward with her, there is only slow motion. Times & schedules don't really exist with her. Doesn't sound so bad, right? well, the only teeny problem with that, while her blood pressure maybe on an even keel, everyone around her is on overdrive trying to overcompensate. And I never thought I would say this but I HATED shopping... with her... and 3 kids. To her, the stores we take for granted and visit on a regular basis (Target, Walmart, Homegoods) were like treasure hunts for her. She would finger all the towels, read the backs of all the packages & stare for a good 10 minutes at one item while my 3 bored kids would be screaming & fighting, and with me about to cry and tear my hair out, would wait for her to make up her mind or catch up to us (yes, I would get so frustrated that I would walk away, do my shopping and come back while she was still fingering the towels.) I smartened up and would send my husband out with his Mama to do any shopping and then chuckle when he would return home, red faced & fully frustrated.

Now on to the extended family. My husband is the oldest of 12 kids. Some live here and some still live & attend school in Mexico (the youngest is 15). I was under the impression that my in-laws visit would be divided amongst the family so everyone would have their opportunity to visit. Wellll, that's not how it happened. My father inlaw is a farmer, raises cows & crops on his little ranch in Mexico. He doesn't like cities. Period. He refused to leave our ranch to visit with his other offspring. So guess what that meant..? Word of my in-laws visit spread like wildfire! Yep, everyone of the family came to our home with their families to visit and stay the weekends with us. There were people sleeping on the floor, on the couches, on blow up mattresses that some, I still don't know their names or how they were related but here they were!

...And don't think I didn't have private meltdowns in my room or hushed conversations with my husband that he better do something QUICK! Poor guy, he was more stressed out than I was. I got to fade into the background and secretly "cringe" at all the "darling" toddlers teetering toward my antique lamps/china/& other breakables, while I would try to redecorate my home with all my valuables up as high as I could place them.

Don't get the wrong idea...I love my Mother in-law. Absolutely. I had a lovely time with her. She cooked, she sewed, she prayed for us. I learned many things and got a new perspective on life & family and I think she did as well. My husband laughingly told me that his mother was voicing her opinion quite often with her husband to which the husband replied "I think you are hanging around Loraina (the spanish pronounciation of my name, Laurie)too much!" And I know she loves me too.

So while I am sad that they are gone, I am also relieved to get back to my normal, ordinary, neat freak fanatic self. The self that wants her house back to normal like Better Homes & Gardens might unexpectedly drop by begging for a photo shoot (one can dream, right?) or I might, by chance, win Publishers Clearinghouse Sweepstakes (though I never enter, but you never know -could be a computer malfunction and it randomly picks my name from online shoppers data bases) and how horrible would it be if my house was a mess on live television!? :) (I apologize if this sounds superficial, but having a disorderly house overwhelms, stresses and other wise makes me feel claustrophobic)

I did come away with a new understanding and gratefulness of how wonderful my life is/was before my summer of in-laws. There's no place like being my jammies, typing away on my computer , hiding & locking the front door and perhaps ordering take out...for the next month!
Can I do the Happy Dance..? Nah, I'm too tired! :)

**Once I get said house in order, I will post pics of all the lovely sewing bits courtesy of my Mother -inlaw.**

Monday, August 4, 2008

I'm Still Here....

Hi! Remember me..? I apologize for my lack of new posts lately...sigh....Some of you might be aware that my inlaws are visiting - been 5 weeks now. Not that I am complaining, no siree, it's just that my "ME" time has been limited. With all the home cooking (imagine cooking Thanksgiving meal everyday) the sewing, the shopping, all the visits from extended family...I am totally wiped out.... depleted ....fresh out of ideas of what to write about, even if I had the time.

So anyway this little post was just to say hello to all of you who leave me lovely comments and stop by to visit with me, I appreciate it, I do!

With the help of my Mother - inlaw and her talent at the sewing machine, I've finally got all my bedroom curtains done! Now hanging them is another story (goodbye paper shades!) but I hope I can get them up with in the next day or so to show you.

So hang in there with me...