Sunday, April 26, 2009

My Latest Acquisition....

Hello! Did a month really slip on by me since I last posted? My sincerest apologies!

Anyway - since my time off from blogging mainly meant that I was being totally self indulgent and spending my time engrossed in a series of books that I wasn't even bothering to eat/shower/clean house, let alone fight with my antiquated computer & try to post anything new for you.

So after a few emails this morning - telling me to get off my arse and post something ;) I realized I haven't shown you this little item that I have had on layaway for a few months. Told you it's easier to explain (or not!) to the hubby when things are on a payment plan! and he has yet to notice anyway...sigh...gotta love him.

She's from the late 1800's and I just fell in love with her (my thanks goes to Vanna, of course who unknowingly got me started on a new frenzy searching out "busts" - nope, I still can't say that with a straight face!) She was purchased on RubyLane from a store called "DollMary". Mary is the owner and was so willing to let me do layaway. She has many beautiful things listed and is a real sweetheart, so click on the link and stop on by her store.

Isn't she pretty?.....

Okay - now that I am out of hibernation, I will be around to visit all of your blogs that I have missed these last few weeks. Happy Sunday!