Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Is Cinderella Still Cleaning The Castle?

I wonder, when the honeymoon was over, if Cinderella went back to mopping the floors and sweeping out the chimney?


I ask this because on Sunday afternoon I felt like Cinderella..the married version. I wasn't going to the ball looking for the handsome charming prince, he was at home with the three kids, but I was going out for an afternoon at the Opera with my Mother and then out to dinner with some friends.

Opera Singer

Oh, it was lovely to get dressed up and teeter around on highheels ( I don't get too many opportunities to wear them on the ranch) carry a tiny handbag that didn't store a juice cup, antibacterial wipes, matchbox cars or those freebie crayons from family friendly restaurants. To apply my makeup while not looking in the car visor mirror and to dust off the curling iron and use it without leaving a lasting mark on my forehead.


So on to the Opera to see Mozart's The Magic Flute. It was an interesting story line and very different from any other I had seen before. In this version the actors spoke in English but sang in German. Thankfully I was able to keep up with the story line via the screen overhead translating who was who and why they were weeping over this or that. Then on to a lovely dinner with cloth napkins (no rolls of papertowels for kid spills here!) and real menu's that weren't part of the table decor. No needless trips to the Potty.... Aaaah! It was all about me!! ...and of course the company I was with.


After a leisurely and much enjoyed dinner, we bid farewell to our friends and made our way home...all in all I was gone from my castle about 8 hours.


As I floated in the door, with the notes of Mozart in my head, a smile on my face as I replayed the events of the evening over in my mind.....I stopped and saw this:

And This:


My carefree night was over....the smile wiped from my face.... my happy balloon deflated as I turned to my no longer as Charming husband with the look of horror on my face and he had the audacity to ask innocently, "what...?"


So while my kitchen has been restored to it's former glory by someone other than me....

I have come to the conclusion that Cinderella wasn't cleaning up after her evil stepsisters....she was cleaning up after her children! and going to the ball wasn't to look for her prince Charming but was actually an appointment with a massage therapist! And as far as the fairy tale being told for all these years, it was just Cinderella's hallucinations while she was being treated with heavy antidepressant medication. Sorry to burst your bubble here ladies, but most fairy tales don't go into HOW they lived Happily Ever After. We just assume they do, and you know what they say about the word "Ass u me". Cinderella is still at her castle, sweeping, mopping and hallucinating! ; )



twintoo10292 said...

LOL...loved the story...you are so creative not only in decorating but writing. Atleast you could live a little make believe before coming home to reality. And some men wonder what we do all day...Twin

Gloria said...

Oh this is so true and too funny, I loved it. I have to ask you were those high heels your glass ones??
Laurie you really made me laugh at this story. And the husband and the what!! MEN they don't get it.At least now seeing your kitchen when left on their own they are not the decorators in the family. last time I left home for 2 days it took me 4 days to clean up the house, vacation are really alot of work for me. Glad you had a good day , Ilove your blog. hugs and smiles Gloria

Donna Lynn said...

You are wonderful and a total princess, (in my book at least!). Next time you have to clean up a mess like that, put your tiara on and repeat, "I am a princess, I am a princess, I am a princess..." Keep repeating over and over really loudly, maybe the hubby will hire the Merry Maids cleaning service!!! I love this post...not shocked at all, this has happened to me more times then I care to even remember...I have had some pretty gross dirty boy messes,(they are the worst, let me tell ya!) YUKKY to the max!
Hugs and understanding coming your way, Donna Lynn

Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Laurie...tell me another story! LOL! That was great! I am laughing out loud, literally! Your home does look like a castle! ...but good point about the kids! It all makes sense now, that was who she was cleaning up after! Did you forget, she had a dog or two??? At least she does in my version of the story! LOL!

~Rhonda :)

Kim Hardt Originals said...

Oh Poor Cinderella, Sounds like she had a wonderful time though. But back to reality and no more fairy tales.

What would children and husbands do without there princess's.The pumpkin would rot, the mice would starve and the only thing that would be sparkly in the castle would be Television.

Kim Hardt Originals said...

Hey Chickadee, Let me know if you got my email.

Diana Lyn said...

Oh Laurie, I just read your post, you are to funny, You need to write more,LOL I know how you feel,as I am sure most of us do! Shoot I don't have kds at home anymore and Mine will look like that when I return on days! Love your pics of your home, check my blog this week as I am posting a giveaway,,,,,,hmmmmmm maybe today! Diana Lyn

Donna Lynn said...

BTW...I forgot to tell you that I adore your kitchen, dirty or clean! It is just beautiful! Your whole house is pretty as a picture, and you my dear should be featured in a Magazine too!!!
I love hearing from you, you are a wonderful writer and must of been paying close attention in english class...not me, I was passing notes and getting told to be quiet!...Hence the bad grammer and terrible use of english rules all over the place, I'm a free spirit! (HA! That last comment hides a multitude of grammer sins!!).
XXOO, Donna Lynn

Diana Lyn said...

Hi Laurie,
I love your house, and glad you liked my blog thanks for stopping by, remember the rules of the giveaway!!!!!!!!! go check it out! Have a great day! Big Pink Hugs Diana Lyn Thanks

Picket said...

Afternoon friend...Oh I loved that story! lol I was laughing and nodding my head and that is exactly what smacks you in the face when you return home from the Ball...Makes you wanta put a 'Hit List' out on that Fairy Godmother!!!! lol lol Thanks so much for coming by my blog today..otherwise I never would have found you...I'm adding you to my list!!!! (no silly...not the 'Hit List'..my favorite Blogs list! lol )

Rue said...

Good morning Laurie :)

Poor thing. I've been there too. Alex is old enough to leave at home now at 18, but when get back it's scary messy with dog hair everywhere and piles of dishes. I think I raised an animal LOL You are a great writer!

Thank you for all your support about the farmhouse. We'll know something today.

rue :)

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Laurie, I found you through Mary at Red House. Now I remember she posted some pics of your rooms. What a beautiful home you have! I too am a decorating fanatic and love everything about it. I enjoyed what I've read so far, so welcome to blogging. I know you will enjoy it a lot. I've been at it over a year now & have had loads of fun meetig new people.

I keep hearing about all the hoopla over at RMS and that just convinces me more to stay off it. I posted pics of my diningroom over there when they first got started & experienced much of what you were describing, so I decided never again! I'm sticking to it. bloggin is so much more rewarding. People can come & visit who really like what you do, that's the great part.

I've met Rue and several others who apparently met over at RMS. Come and visit me sometime!