Friday, April 25, 2008


Having children is the greatest accomplishment ever, right? hmm...I think passing elementary school the second or third time around is pretty high up there too.

School House

Never did I think I would be spending my friday nights in my 30's at home trying to smear paper mache' to a styrofoam ball to make the planet Mercury. Or trying to make a book report look like a pizza. Or even making a video book report? that's sort of an oxymoron right? But yep, here I am STRESSED OUT over science projects, required parent volunteering (explain that one to me..? thought Volunteering was well, voluntary!) and bringing in healthy snacks for the class party. Those always crack me up! For some reason I always get the hardest party dish to bring in. Do I ever get elected to bring in paper plates? Napkins? even juice boxes? No, I get 3 dozen deviled eggs and ham & cheese platter!

devilled eggs

I am among young Mom's (not that I am old, in my mid 30's mind you!) but Mom's who sport color coordinating sweat (ha!) outfits that match their shoes and their cute little baseball caps. Mom's who MUST wake up extra early to apply a full face of makeup and a quick run to Starbucks before dropping kids off to school. How do they do it?


My morning is usually spent frantically looking for shoes, school sweatshirts, last nights scattered homework, tossing together a somewhat healthy lunch and coaxing the three year old into his car seat without 6 trucks, 3 books and 2 stuffed animals! Apply makeup? Well, only at the stoplights enroute to school... and as for the cute color coordinated sweat outfits? I am lucky If I remembered to remove (or conceal) my pajama's before jumping in the car. I know, I know, I hear the voice in my head, Got To Get More Organized but at the end of the evening between juggling homework, dinner, kitchen duty & bath time, I am lucky I make it up the stairs. (Thank goodness for Tivo & DVR!)

woman asleep in chair.gif

I hear people who moan about the newborn stage. What?! are they crazy? That's easy street! it's when they start walking, talking and going to school that really battles with the whole ideal vision in your pre-children head. Here I am in my 30's trying to pass the 5th grade!

newborn baby

Little did I know when I signed up (okay, so there was some wine involved!) that I would be this exhausted, perplexed, scared & scarred (stretchmarks!) when raising offspring......

Sara's home made wine

But little did I know the pride, the joy and heart overflowing with LOVE when I look at my 3 beautiful, intelligent, caring kids. Granted - this feeling usually only overtakes me when the children are konked out, snoring in their beds :) but still the feeling is overwhelming. Those little beings are here because of me! oh and just a teeny bit of help from the husband....:)


So I am looking forward to some lazy days of summer when we haven't been up late the night before rewriting the history report or tying up Valentine goodie bags for 45 fellow students. Or making sure the family car is cleaned out enough to accomodate 5 rowdy boys on the class field trip along with a stressed out teacher asking you for advil. (Yes, those lovely young Room Moms I mentioned, always assign the teacher to ride along in my car). Those lazy days ahead of baking cookies and going for walks... playing in the park.....sigh...


After about two weeks of all this togetherness, reality sets in (and 18 hour days!)...and I start counting the days til school starts! aaahhh! Motherhood! :)


God Bless You & Your Families.


Kim Hardt Originals said...

Wow! Laurie! You have such a wonderful talent for writing.

I miss those days when my kiddo's were little. Last night I was over at the neighbors house. It was play ground central. There were 9 kids under the age of 5. All playing so hard and enjoying this beautiful night. I had push duty on the swing set and hand holding on the slide. But it was some what of a challenge while holding my glass of wine. He HE! But this time is my fav. time of the year, when the kids are all hard at play and all the parents sit around and talk about what they did all winter.

Sounds like you have a very busy life with your kids. But oh so rewarding. Enjoy them while you can. Before you know it, you will have one graduting from college and one getting married.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you do have a gift for writing. Being a Mom is one of the most hardest jobs of all, but also the most rewarding!!!
I am an older Mom , I am in my 40's and have a sixth grader and a third grader. Some days it is hard to keep up. But then I think someday I will look back and miss all this craziness..
Sounds like you are doing a wonderful job raising your children.
You also have a beautiful home., Enjoy! Janie

twintoo10292 said...

Ahh the days when my kids were in grammar school and the teacher would assign (me) a school project. I also found the new teachers who didn't have children of their own would pile on the homework never realizing the toll it takes on us parents. They're now in high school and I can tell you it does get better. Other than a science project or two there wasn't much I could help them with passed the third grade. Kids are so smart these days. I miss the days when my kids were little. It's like I blinked and they grew up. It's o.k if you don't have time for the make up-cutesie outfit-or have every hair in place-just love on them babies as much as you can. Twin

Laurie - Decorating Fanatic said...

Aww! Thanks for the advice twin, I was already squeezing the 3 year old today with his plump little baby fat body, trying to imprint it into my memory. The kids still love to give me hugs and I know that's a biggie with the 8 & 10 year olds nowadays. I hope they don't stop! And you are right about the young teachers so full of ideas for us parents to accomodate! sheesh! Have a good weekend, thanks for stopping by! ~ Laurie

Rue said...

Hi sweetie :)

I'm back after a very stressful week. I hope you're still speaking to me.

I completely understand what you're talking about! My brother and his wife (mostly the wife) keep complaining about how hard the baby part is and I just smile LOL

Have a great night.
rue :)

Laurie - Decorating Fanatic said...

Oh Rue! Of course silly! You have alot on your mind right now with the farmhouse... and I haven't been up for air really with last minute Science Project cramming!

I'm crossing my fingers for you! :)

Glenda said...

I am new here and I am lusting after your pictures of your home. Just love it. You have a great eye.


Gloria said...

Oh Laurie,
I love coming here just to read whats new with you. You really have a way of telling a story. been there and done that. My youngest daughter use to voluntee me for everything while she was in grade school, but would wait until bed time to say "Oh mom we need 32 cupcakes for school tomorrow and I told them you would bake them" lol!!Oh Mom I told them you could go on the field trip to the zoo with us, you have no idea how many zoo trips with 3 daughter I got to do lets just say the elephants knew me on a first named basic and would get excited to see me because they knew there was "Peanuts" coming.And then they were all raised with children of there own and I thought my time!! WRONG!! then it was Mom I can't take time off from work so can you do a school field trip for me? No wonder the animals at the zoo love me we been like family through the years. I now have great grand kids and so I know I will be seeing my fav elephant again.Lay off the wine lady, now see what you got to look forward to??But they are so sweet when they call just to say I love you Mom.And then they tell you all the stories of their kids and you think OH there is a God pay back time.Laurie I have left RMS to much meanness for me anymore.You do know that Picket turned off her light? the brigthest star we had left.I just love that woman,she was what kept me going. Hugs and smiles to you ms. Gilroy.

Mary said...

Don't worry about the makeup and the matching sweats. Remember the pudgy legs and the sweet smell of a baby's breath. Have fun!

Laurie - Decorating Fanatic said...

Oh Gloria! I hope you come back and read this....I am sorry about RMS, it's sad that it gets like that...but please consider doing a blog of your own. You have so many wonderful treasures that people in this "neighborhood" would so appreciate! Picket's right around the corner as are alot of other friends. This is the part that's missing from RMS. It got a little old repeating the paint color from my rooms! This is so much better, sharing stories, decorating,recipes and more. Please consider "moving" on over here. I know this will be something you will enjoy! Your friend, Laurie

Gloria said...

OK I am back. Thank you laurie I am thinking about doing a blog. but really honey I have no idea how to do one, may need your help.
What would I talk about those? I do know alot about antiques but I also know RMS such did't understand them.You as my far one of my fav blogs of course you know I love Picket and Rue.They are the reason I became a member of rms.You and picket should write a book together you are both so good. If you ever come to the mountain please come by and see me. I am in the book under Lawrence and I would be honor to have you ms. Gilroy. I'll see you tomorrow Laurie. Hugs and Smiles.

Kari & Kijsa said...

What a great post!! Love the deviled egg assignment!!! And the required 'volunteering"...we are enlisted in this same group as well!!

kari & kijsa

Picket said...

LOL I love this post!!! Oh girl I been there and done that!!! When our 5 was little oh my word the comedy movies I could have made money from!!! lol lol But at the time you just think Dear Lord when will it be bedtime and it is just 6:00 AM !!!! lol lol Have a great day sweetie!!!!

Donna Lynn said...

I gave you an award on my blog, stop by and claim it...I finally figured out how to do the whole linky thingy, Whew!
Donna Lynn

Rue said...

Hi Laurie :)

Thank you for your support in my decision. It was really hard for me, but after I did, I felt soooo much better :)

Have a great night sweetie!

decorator101 said...

Oh sweetie, I'm sooo glad to have found you're doing a blog as well. What a great world these things are. I read Pickets and Rues daily and now WILL HAVE TO ADD YOU TO MY LIST. What a talent you have for spinning the daily life of a mother with small children, a home, a husband and yes now a blog to attend to. I absolutely love your home and stopped by there once again today. RMS is not quite as fun as it once was when I discovered it in March. Everyone was always so happy and fun to visit with and now more times than not they get a bit too ugly acting for me. So.. now I can bug you along with a few of my other favorites that I've discovered doing blogs. Hugs to you dear heart. Will check in the a.m. for yet another story from you. Lynne

decorator101 said...

Happy May Day to you and yours, you must be busy doing special projects or being reminded of the bake sale, or one of many other things with your beautiful family. Just wanted to check in and say hello. Lynne

Donna Lynn said...

Oh my word here I go for the third time...
I finally understand about RMS, that is awful how you and others are treated there! Big fat meanie pants, (that instead of really bad words...),I am so sorry about how that all went down! You will be loved and treated well here, and if you hate a comment you can throw it away, nice huh? I saw your amazing house on RMS, IT IS AWESOME!!!! You guys did a wonderful job building your dream home, BRAVO! Honey, you really should be in a magazine, hey email me and let me know what part of the country you are in, I need to run this by my photographer friends.
Hugs, Donna Lynn

Megan Lynn said...

What a beautiful home you have and lovely decorating style. I stumbled accross your blog and thought I would say hello. My husband and I are building our home and am I desperately looking for advice in the decorating department. I decorate with reds, yellows, and greens and prefer a french country look with a slightly updated twist. Your house is stunning...where did you find the curtain rod in your blog title picture? Check out my blog and offer any advice you'd like. I will be tracking our progress on the house and hopefully posting pictures.
Love your house,
megan lynn