Saturday, May 3, 2008

Career Woman

Hellooooo! Sorry I had to take a hiatus from Blogland for the week. You know my career I mentioned (Motherhood)? well, it was a particularly trying week, I had to put my skills to the test and really impress my boss (es)! I went above and beyond my regular 130 hour work week, let me tell you!...We had an important Presentation (Science Fair) that needed my full attention along with a mandatory Conference (School Assembly) for all employees and on top of all that we even had to schmooze after hours with fellow employees & clients! (Open House) phew!

But I am sure all that hard work really paid off...can't wait to see my paycheck! What?! I am an intern?! I VOLUNTARILY agreed to do this without pay?!..... Luckily, I have my moonlighting job as a house keeper & chef to fall back on...and my Nanny position of a 3 year old. Gee, didn't know I would be so well rounded career wise! :)

Seriously, I do apologize for not being able to keep up this week! I see I got a blog award!!! WOW! As soon as I figure out how to properly claim that I will post it officially! Thank you Donna Lynn! I am touched!

Stay between my many careers ;) apparently, I am a Starving Artist as well! I have a few projects half finished all over the house. I will be posting those soon! Have a great weekend everyone! :)


decorator101 said...

Oh you are a scream!! Love all the mulit-tasking careers that you've taken upon yourself. You've been missed this week, I so enjoy stopping by for a visit at your lovely home. Can't wait to see the new projects you have for us to see. Hugs to you dear friend. Lynne

twintoo10292 said...

What do you mean you can't find time to blog...your kids sleep don't they? no more excuses...I've missed your blog!! You are both funny and crafty. Where did you ever find the picture of the woman stuck under the shoe? it!! Twin

Kim Hardt Originals said...

Too Funny!

Anonymous said...