Thursday, May 22, 2008


Ever feel like when you have so much to don't know what to do, so you do nothing?

That's me today...a To Do List a mile long and I am running around here like a chicken with it's head cut off.

For example, after the usual hectic morning of taking the kids to school, I was of the mindset of tackling the dreaded To Do List. Started with something simple, still feeling optimistic at this point.
A new candle sconce is propped up against the wall in the hallway, just waiting for me to hang it but first I need screws...okay, so I go out to the garage, grab a handful and put them in my pocket for safe keeping. Turn to go back into house and see that the dogs have no water, so start filling the water bowl, then notice that my unplanted plants sitting there waiting for me to do something with them (another item on my list!), need watering..okay got the hose out already, spray those...oh look, here comes the 3 year old...shoot! can't hide, he already saw me... His Turn to water the flowers. Sigh...okay, not too much water. Good boy, let's go inside now.

Oh no! He spotted his battery operated monster truck in the garage! that means we have to open the garage door so he can back up and re-park it "just so" six times.

Okay enticed him back into the house with his favorite cartoons. Before he can be settled we have to get the tv tray set up with his favorite snack -cut strawberries. Sounds easy right? Told you before, he is a "hands on" kind of kid. He has to first inspect and select each strawberry before I am allowed to wash & cut for him. There! Now what was I going to do...? hmmm...

Oh ya!...take pictures of my recent projects for my blog...okay...where's the camera...? Go looking upstairs...oh look at all the laundry! sheesh I swear it looks like I TAKE IN laundry for business...gotta put a load in.

Where was I?...that's right ! I was going to finish sewing my bedroom curtains! Tired of looking at paper shades in our windows. Sewing machine has been set up on the kitchen table for about a week, mocking me. Okay...who took the scissors...? Now on mission hunting down my good scissors that were supposed to be in my sewing basket. Must be that other person "Not Me" who took them again...darn him!

Cell phone ringing...where'd I put it down? I hear it...where is it? Found it in my sweatshirt pocket along with...screws? what was I doing with screws in my pocket?... "Hello.?" oh, just the Husband calling me to say"don't forget I need.....and.......also....." sigh...... "Sure dear, good bye" what's with the screws in my pocket?

Oh that's right, I was going to install the curtain tiebacks in the dining room! sheesh...I am so forgetful! Go into dining room and struggle for 5 minutes with tape measure...need a pencil to mark the wall before I start drilling. Measure twice...drill once? So as I walk into the office to find a pencil, congratulating myself on taking the extra "pre" steps so my projects turn out right, I notice I left my computer on...won't hurt to check it for a minute right?

A few emails and a game of solitare later (you know just to clear my head so I can focus) the 3 year old comes and finds me. My 22 minutes of uninterrupted time is over. Now we are on the hunt for "the toy" know the one I mean...the one that never gets "found". Upstairs in his room, I see his horribly messy closet...clothes and toys tossed everywhere, wait a second, I need to go get a garbage bag and donate some of this stuff to goodwill. Head downstairs to mudroom in search of garbage bags.

Find instead the camera! Oh! Yes, I need to go out to the outside guest room and take a picture of the little dresser I just finished to post on my neglected blog! Silly girl...I would lose my head if it wasn't attached...

A few snapshots later, I am back in the office loading them into my computer... Three year old finds me he sets up his little Thomas The Train Computer right next to me so he can be like Momma and sits on my lap...we play many rounds of "what letter sounds like..."

Three year old wanders off to terrorize his big brother's room. I am just happy that I can refocus on my gigantic To Do List. Let's see...what to do...? Make Lunch!...yes fuel for the body & mind...Dinosaur Chicken Nuggets it is! hey...remember I've got a 3 year old here! it's alot better than his request of popcorn for lunch and that was a battle.

After lunch I pull out my best friend ... the vacuum. My saving grace in more ways than one...when you hear your name being called by either your 3 offspring or the GROWN man you've married - quickly turn it on to drown out their requests and do the "what? I can't HEAR YOU, I'm vacuuming!" Forcing them to be self sufficient or most likely to give up on what they were hunting you down for.

So after vacuuming and digging out the kids socks from under the couch, also scraping off from the wood floor, the little tiny stickers that I bribed the youngest with yesterday while shopping at Michael's, I was ready to tackle my To Do List once again.

Find or make costume for 8 year old's book report on civil war hero for next week....sigh...only 3 more weeks of school...can't...take....much...more....

Did I also mention that we are having guests over on Saturday? Or that the following weekend I am hosting a 10 girl sleepover/birthday party? Still need to organize crafts, food, cake, BUY PRESENTS for my daughter....What was it the husband had called for again...? completely slipped my mind..

Focus! Focus! That's right...have to clean house, finish curtains, hang the multitude of "things" that are currently propped up against the bottom portion of each wall, clean youngest's closet, make costume, order cake, go food shopping for Saturday in between cleaning & picking up daughter from another party, plant now disengrating plants into new pots,

clean up backyard, laundry,take Daisy to vet,

figure out what the husband wanted, make dinner,

organize guest room for inlaws visit,

buy presents for Teacher Appreciation week, find & fill out:

Field trip permission slip forms/year book order forms/

school game day t-shirts

and any other "forms"

clean, clean and oh! Clean!

So what did I accomplish today....? Well you're reading it!

**Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read and/or leave me a comment on this blog. I don't deserve all your kindness and patience but your comments keep me going! I promise in a few weeks I will be back to normal and can visit with all of you! Much love to you! ~ Laurie **


Donna Lynn said...

Oh Precious Laurie!
This is so funny, and so true, I have lived this life for around 13 years of my life! I can only tell you that it will one day all will be sitting at your table one morning and realize no one is asking you for a thing, also no one is up and you have 2-3 hrs. of wonderful silence! Bless your heart, I have been praying for you each day, you will make it through this crazy time...
Big hugs!
Donna Lynn

Heather said...

It worked! I was so excited that you came by! I have been having a hard time leaving comments for the last 2 or 3 days and it is argrivating me! I, once again, was in tears reading your post- I was laughing so hard! I do the same thing. I write my to do list and even put it in order of priorities to keep me straight but by the end of the day I have done a slew of things (including running in circles) and maybe get to mark one thing off the list! he he he Your three year old sounds like mine!! I think I love reading your blog so much because it makes me feel normal! Are we normal? Or just two of a kind? he he he
Come by anytime!
:) Heather

Picket said...

Girl..that was like watching a funny sircom!!!! lol lol I loved it..You need to serve Pepsi and fig newtons with that one! lol lol...Oh girl when my 5 little chicks were small I had those days often...come to think of it...they are all grown and gone and I still have those kind of days only with grown chicks!!!! lol lol Thanks for coming by sweetie...Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

Picket said...

..oops...never saw a sircom...but I have watched a few SITCOMS!!!! lol

Janie said...

You'll get there. Being a Mom is a hard job. The work seems to never end and we never get vacation time. Hang in There!!! Have a great weekend, Janie

twintoo10292 said...

Sounds just like me only minus the three year old so what excuse do I have? I have told so many people (those that would listen) that I suddenly feel like I have A D D because I can not stay focused. I'm trying to help with oldest daughters wedding, her shower is Sunday, considering a neighborhood garage sale in two weeks and have one item ready, no dress purchased for wedding yet-failed shopping trip this past Wednesday...My life is a cluster. Start spring cleaning one room and get distracted to something else...starting to feel like a failure. I keep telling myself I need to get my life together...that doesn't help either. Been told I'm procrastinating because I'm depressed about the oldest daughter leaving...could be that. As much as I love the future son-in-law I will miss her terribly as they are moving three and a half hours away once married. Maybe medication would help me LOL. Gotta do something here...maybe today is the day I get it together. There, now don't you feel better? You are more together than you thought!! Twin

Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Laurie...Define "normal!" LOLOL! Is there such a thing after children? This post sounds like a day in the life of ...ME! LOL! Reading your post makes me feel sane, somewhat, to know I'm not alone with the long crazy, hectic list, that never seems to be complete, only added to! I just don't have the three year old, my baby is 9! Other "people" wonder how I pass my time throughout the day....afterall, I don't have a "JOB!" LOL!

Great post, as always! ~Rhonda ;)

Tausha said...

Hi! I am a new visitor to your blog. I am not too sure how I found you, but I am thrilled that I did. I love your blog! I love your taste in decorating. I love that your handy(and I am jealous) I just plain old love ya- in a decorating, decorator to decorator kind. So-I hope you don't mind if I add you to my blog roll. I would like to come back and visit for more fun ideas. Hope that you will come and say Hi and stop by my place. Also-I look forward to more decor pictures. Quit cleaning already! :) Also-we have one more thing in common-I too have a 3 year old! Yea! She is a girl and a diva and some days-I want to kick her to the moon and other days-I want to just hug her and listen to her giggle!! Hope to see you soon!
PS-I am hosting a really fun, simple swap, love it if you would be a part of it!

decorator101 said...

Oh my.. it's been a few days since I knocked on your blog and entered. I remember now what I had missed out on. Your life is hysterical. I'm sure you wonder if you even have the same pair of shoes on your feet. That happy little guy must be a joy to have around on a daily basis. I must move on to the other days that I've missed out on. I hope you and yours have a splendid Memorial Weekend. Hugs to you dear friend. Lynne p.s. did you ever remember what your dh wanted? did you find the forever lost toy?

JoAnne said...

LOL! I think you were writing this about me! I took a vacation day today to get some "projects" done and made the mistake of sitting down on the couch "just for a minute" when my son went down for his nap... And when I woke up, I reached for my laptop to check in on my blog friends - and well, here I am! Now I better get going on my to do list or I'm going to hate myself in the morning. Thanks for the laugh. JoAnne

Susie Q said...

The banner picture alone grabbed me but then I read your warm and oh so funny post and that sealed the deal!
I am so glad I found my way here and will be back often because it is a special place in cyberspace!

I hope you will visit me and we will get to know one another...

Have a sweet week Laurie!


Donna Lynn said...

Hi Laurie!
Just checking in to see how your doing! Hope you had a wonderful 3 day weekend with your family...


Donna Lynn said...

It is Thursday...I am sure missing you! Hope your doing OK, kinda getting worried about you now, oh my word, I sound like your mother!

Hugs and love,

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