Sunday, May 18, 2008

Spring Cleaning

Hello!! Sorry, I have been neglecting my blog lately! I've been hit by the Spring Cleaning Bug, in the middle of a major heat wave hitting the 100's, go figure!

Well maybe you can call it spring cleaning but I think it's more of cleaning up the messes that have been accumulating while i've been blogging! But if sure does feel good to tackle those messes!

Stay tuned - once I finish, I will post a few of my decorating projects!

Thanks for checking back in.....:)


Anonymous said...

Yeah! I am glad to see that you are back! I haven't posted on your site yet, but I love the family stories you share and have drooled over your home on RMS! Have fun spring cleaning, I have the same bug!
-Cardinals on RMS

Gloria said...

Hey Ms. Gilroy, Don't you just love spring time? Always wanting to get the nest cleaned up after the long winter.I have been doing the same thing and just love the smell of the clean house. I took down all my curtains washed them and put them back us look and smell so clean now. I was in Los gatos this week=end and thought of you and your right it is hot there. we hit 103 on friday and thats hot for here. Well Laurie you have a great week cleaning. Oh I did turn my lite back on RMS last week just so I could talk to my friends. Love your blog girl.

Picket said...

Hey girl..I feel the same way...we have been so busy in the yard that I feel like the house has been neglected....I went thru the other day and stripped the beds and put fresh linens on and did the laundry and dusted and vacuumed...then I opened the closet and it was too much for me...I just shut the door and said 'tomorrow is another day Scarlett!' lol lol But is does do something for your spirit to have a clean house...I never like to wake up to dirty dishes and I want the bed made as soon as we get up..Bill use to say he was always afaid to turn over in the bed..afraid I'd make it up before he could turn back over!!! lol Have a great time cleaning and take a Pepsi and fig newton break every now and then!

twintoo10292 said...

Hurry have one of the best blogs. Twin

Picket said...

Hey girl...hope you have had a beautiful day today...take care!!!

Donna Lynn said...

Dearest Laurie!
Hope all is well on the ranch this week! Sounds like you have been busy, hope your house has central air!??? In that heat you would melt without it I'm sure!

Donna Lynn

Gloria said...

Hey ms. Gilroy, You still cleaning the nest? Hope all is well in Laurieville. Take care and smiles.

Gloria said...

Hey girl, you ever coming up for air? I know you have used a whole box of Swiffers by now. Well have a great day ms. Gilroy. Oh I posted my LR. nothing fancy like yours as I am just an od mountain girl. hugs and smies to you. Happytobe. Gloria