Saturday, April 19, 2008

Trial & Error

Why is it that when you go looking for something in particular - you never find it...? But then after the idea has gone out of your head or you've found a replacement for said item, you find what you were originally looking for?

Such is the case of my deer head. Yep, I have a faux deer head mounted on the wall in our Study. Our Study is a mixture of masculine sorts. It has equestrian artwork, a leather sofa, my Dad's old roll top desk.... A Gentleman's Study. I figured the rest of the house is so...well, feminine, that this room deserved to be richly textured and ...Manly!

After much fussing, sewing & shopping for this room, I realized it needed something different, a little something unusual (like a peacock feather wreathe wasn't enough!) it needed a Deer Head.

I did some online browsing but I didn't want spend the $$$ they were charging. So, I came across these little brass deer head candlestick holders in an antique shop. On sale for $100...okay, I bought them. I know, I know...but I figured this was what I was meant to have!

Mounted them to the wall...hmmm...they were okay, I guess. So I lived with them for a while.

Then one day while shopping at Homegoods with my sister in-law I saw this:

My sister in-law tried to convince me to buy it but I already had the candlesticks so I put it back.

A few weeks later, on a whim I ran into Homegoods again, I saw it tucked away on the shelf. I grabbed it and paid for it before I could change my mind! I paid $49 for it.

So I sneak him on home but he was a sickly pinky cream. Our walls are golden yellow, see where I am going with this?

So I thought, I'll spray him black, make him an artistic interpretation of a deer so no one thinks I would actually mount a beautiful deer on my wall.

Oh boy... He wasn't looking so good... yep, he needed some dimension, so I'll add some brown to him.

hmm...better but still needed something else... dug through my paints again. I mixed brown and gold paint and got a copper color. That's it! He'll be a BRONZE interpretation of a deer head.

So here he is mounted over my Dad's old roll top desk....

Now alot of people are probably thinking what the heck? or why would you want that? but I had a vision stuck in my head and those just stay there until I can figure out a way to get it right...and if that means, I am outside in my pj's spray painting before the kids wake up then that's what I will do!... my projects are alot of trial and error but I perservere for the sake of interior decorating! And besides...he kind of grows on you...;)

***Please go visit Kim at Fluff Your Stuff to see a creative way to accessorize your husband's trophies!!***


twintoo10292 said...

I'm always looking and never quite finding what I want either. I've been looking for some black and white material like a gingham and do you think Joann Fabrics would have some? Um no. For me by the time I find what I was looking for I've changed the room to something else. It can be frustrating. Your deer head looks so great now. You can perform magic with paint!! You are very talented. Twin

Laurie - Decorating Fanatic said...

Hi Twintoo! I'm hoping you will come back to read this...I too spent alot of time searching for a black & white check to trim my dining room curtains with (per the lovely idea from Mary at Little Red House!) and I finally found a blk/white taffeta with gold threads on ebay! I even got up at 6a.m. on a Saturday to make sure I could win the 8 yards of it! I had all but given up searching! Tuck it away in the back of your mind and then it will appear before you! :) Thanks for reading and posting comments on my blog. It's a bit new to me to do this and I love hearing from you! ~ Laurie

Kim Hardt Originals said...

Laurie, I love him. He looks great. It really looks like he came that way! You did a fantastic job fauxing him.

And about the sconce. Hmmm!!! I wish my daughter drooled over stuff! She is so not like me. I can't wait till she moves into her own place in a couple of years so I can decorate it. I better start saving now. I'm sure she will change her mind. Who doesn't like stuff!! I can see it now I will be fluffing her stuff for years!!

There is a surprise over at my blog. Go check it out. Just for you!

Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Laurie, I am so glad you are here in blogland! :) I remember you're beautiful house from RMS! I admired it so much then! RMS id is: Southerndecor! I hardly go there anymore, this takes most of my "computer time", and I absolutely love blogging! Lots of great ideas and sweet people here! RMS just got to be too much for me! ...enough said! LOL!

...anyway, I love your footstool! I am on the lookout for one! It turned out great! Love what you did with the clock!

I laughed when I read that you were out spraypainting in your pj's! We have white rocks in our landscape, and I noticed while I was out working in the yard this afternoon, that SEVERAL rocks were spray painted black and brown...I spent awhile turning each one over before my husband found them...he has a fit! It isn't the first time, some of them have been turquoise blue! LOL! I'm dangerous with a spray can!

The deer head goes great with your manly room! Can't wait to see what you post next!

Come by for a visit when you get a chance!

And again...WELCOME!!!!

~Rhonda :)

Gloria said...

Laurie, I really like your you did with this deer head and NO ANIMALS WERE HARMED You are great at doing things very good vision you have, you are one talented lady ms. Gilroy.The Deer I have here eat all my flowers every night. Again love your home and your blog. Gloria aka Happytobe.

twintoo10292 said...

Thanks Laurie, I'll keep an eye out on ebay and we're getting a Hobby Lobby near us sometime soon and someone said they may have something. Love Love Love your blog!!

Donna Lynn said...

You are a woman after my own heart, good job on the deer head, it turned out fantastic!!! I too have a man study,(it used to have pink walls and all girly), it is a consession to all my rose plates and girly girl stuff! I love your blog, so glad I stopped by!! Please come visit and be sure to leave me a comment, I am always sad when people don't! Have a wonderful week, Donna Lynn

Rue said...

I love that deer head ;) There's a real buffalo head that I want at an antique shop and I'm not into hunting. Am I strange or what?? LOL

You are so sweet! Thank you so much for all your positive thoughts and the complements.

Big ol' hugs,
rue :)

Donna Lynn said...

Thanks so much for stopping by tonight, your blog is one of my top all time favs!!! No kidding, you are doing a wonderful job for being a newbie just like I am...
Don't you just love this whole new world? It is so much fun!
Donna Lynn

Mary said...

Oh Laurie, I am laughing at the thought of you spray painting in your pj's! The deer head turned out great, and I have always LOVED that room, ever since i first saw it on RMS!

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