Saturday, November 29, 2008

I NEEDED a BREAK from Christmas Decorating!

Oh Goody!! I have been tagged by Melissa from Melissa's Heart & Home to name 6 unknown facts about myself. I, welcomed this opportunity to stop my Christmas disaster decorating. My whole house is in shambles and the family is complaining they are out of clean underwear! oops! I kind of let the laundry slide a bit... We have just had a busy week with a family birthday, a 5 girl sleepover, Thanksgiving and my all consuming need to decorate EARLY this year.

Okay let me see if I can get the rules right - I am cutting & pasting here!;)

~~ 6 Random Things About Myself.~~

Here are the rules.

1. Link to the person who tagged you.

2. Post the rules on your blog (copy and paste 1-6)

3. Write 6 random things about yourself.
4. Tag 6 people at the end of your post and link to them.

5. Let each person know they been tagged and leave them a comment.

6. Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

~~~~~~Here are my 6 random things: ~~~~~~

(Oooh scary! how much do I want to reveal about myself!)

1. My Age - 35 - but I have a round,baby face so people tend to think I am a bit younger.. (Thank you Mom & Granny for the wonderful genes... but about our chubby knees - not so much!)

2. We all live on our family ranch. My Mom has a house about half a mile down the road with my Grandparents living above her in their separate quarters (i.e. own kitchen, entrance, etc) so we see one another daily - even if it's just to deliver the mail!

3. We host weddings out here on the ranch during the summer months. We have seen all sorts of brides & grooms with um...interesting.. ideas of how they want their wedding (i.e. Star Trek theme & a Disneyland/ Minnie & Mickey Mouse EVERYWHERE theme) Sometimes you get the feeling which ones will go the distance and which ones might not (i.e. the happy couple screaming at each other via cell phones 10 minutes before the ceremony!). It tends to take the romance out of weddings when we have seen so many!

4.We raise cattle! We have 7 horses, a donkey, several dogs and a few barn cats. Once upon a time we used to have about 80 goats! Now we don't even have a single one. Just ask Mr. Mt. Lion all about that! Not that he got all 80 but we weren't taking any chances. Small livestock just don't do well out here!

5. Our house before this one was around 900 sq.ft. with only 2 bedrooms! For 5 of us! It was an old cottage on our property that we fixed up when we got married over 12 years ago with the idea of building a new home shortly after. Hahahahahahahaha! Took us YEARS of struggles with the county to get our building permit for our current house even though no one can see our house from town. We just didn't see their reasoning of why we couldn't build, so through perseverance (and several visits to our county supervisors office for complaints) we finally got our permits.....Three kids later!

6.My husband is a Landscape Contractor and... we don't have a yard! Did you all catch that? My husband is one talented, hardworking guy (and I slug him for every arbor, gazebo, paver driveway or lawn that I have to print pictures of for his photo album) but he just hasn't had the time or the energy for our in the meantime to make it easier for him (heh-heh!) I have been cutting & cropping pictures of my dream yard for when the time comes and boy will he ever be impressed with how much faith I have in his talent! (Think Winterthur, Butchart Gardens or the Chateau de Versailles Gardens....;)

That's about it! Nothing too shocking right?

Okay so now it's my turn to tag a few people and I am sorry if you've been through this before, but it just means you are a
VERY INTERESTING PERSON and we can't get enough of you! So go ahead and dig out those skeletons in your closets, recall that most embarassing moment or make something up if you have to! ;)

1. Laurie - Bargain Hunting with Laurie. (my longlost twin who not only has a beautiful home filled with toile, she can WRITE as well!; )

2. Cynthia - Creative Chaos (just only discovered her blog but she is so funny - I love hearing about her motherhood ups & downs!)

3. Heather - Hopscotch & Hydrangeas. (Busy Mom of 3- but has time for blogging & an etsy store - my hero!)

4. Dot - Picket's Place.(just the sweetest lady EVER...with the best posts!)

5. Kristen - Kristen's Creations.(someone who I could houseswap with and be perfectly content!)

6. Angie - The Happy Homebody (Amazing what this lady can do with some paint & garage sale finds!)

Okay Girls! It's your turn!.....
For me - it's back to decorating!


Melissa Miller said...

Oh Laurie you always make me laugh out loud! I knew you were the perfect person to tag! Thanks so much for playing along and your answers were pefection. A ranch? That is amazing. Boy I sure would want that landscaping too. You're being awfully nice. Remind him Christmas is coming...Hint,Hint.HeHe.. ~Melissa :)

Happy To Be said...

Ms. Gilroy you alway make me laugh cool this that you have your family right there..girl I live on a farm as you know but the only thing I raised was Ostrichs and emus and Mt. Lions have a hard time bringing them down..they did get my chickens and Guinea hens tho..I started puttin up the tree yesterday and working on my christmas kitchen today..I have such a crazy house here I do LR in Victorian , Kitchen in country..hey what ever makes me happy and the means ones can't get me here in blogland..can't wait to see yours know it will be beautiful as every thing you tell your DH if he don't do some grass for you soon you'll start smoking the stuff haha!! I know I am so bad..hugs and smiles Gloria

Anonymous said...

Laurie, thank you so much for the so sweet comments on my sunroom on Bargain Hunter Laurie's blog! It measns so much coming from you, since you KNOW I adore your home! I also enjoy your blog! Connie/puddin07

laurie said...

Laurie, This was so interesting! Your life sounded so perfect, until I read about the mountain lions! Yikes! Again, you have to be the BEST commenter ever! I have read your comment on my story over and over again! It was so kind, and you made me feel so much better about posting it. Thanks for the tag. I'll try to come up with some things I haven't already told everybody (which isn't much, since I do tend to over share)! the other laurie

salmagundi said...

Enjoyed learning more about you through the tag. So young to accomplish such a pulled-together and welcoming home!! Looking forward to all the Christmas decorating. You will post about it, won't you? Sally

nikkicrumpet said...

I love these tags because it's so fun to get to know our fellow bloggers. I was laughing about you not having a first husband was a mechanic...and my car NEVER ran. Isn't that the way it goes. Hopefully you'll have your dream yard someday soon. NOW GET BACK TO WORK!

Happy To Be said...

Good evening Ms. Gilroy...thanks for coming by girl...and Susan at between naps on the porch did a whole post about my flying days with pictures and all it was before I started my blog check it out it was Sept 22 and you can see me and my plane and find out about the flying days..Now the Ostichs I am going to do a post about them and show my farm..but maybe not for the next couple of weeks..girl I have so many posts in my pea brain...but don't have the time to just sit and do all I want to..that DH of mine still thinks I should cook and clean house !! HELLO I am busy blogging and he can't figure that out..Girl my house looks like a drug bust right now with all this mess told Len all I need is yellow crime tape..I alway get in more of a mess trying to put up Christmas..I do have up 3 tress now and one more to go in DR..and my DR table is even load with stuff..and of course I go to the Dollar store today and but even more stuff..Hope you have a great evening girl..hugs and smiles your Calif sister..Gloria

AJ said...

I always like these tags so we can get to know our bloggy friends:) My dad raised hogs for a while-that was interesting AND stinky. I much preferred the horses and the one lonely cow;)

Lynne said...

Laurie I do believe we have so much in common.. yes the sight of a bobcat sitting outside sounds about These men and their toys are a sight to behold aren't they? This has been the most fun.. hugs ~lynne~

Melissa Miller said...

Hey Laurie,
What's up today?
Can't wait to see your Christmas decor'. I know it's gorgeous. Have a good one. ~Melissa :)

Anonymous said...

Your house looks beautiful , can't wait to see some more pics. I was thrilled to read about your landscaping hopes. I live right around the corner from Butchart gardens, it is all in it's Christmas splendour now. Donna

Anonymous said...